2016-04-15 - FileZilla Client 3.17.0-rc1 released

New features:

Recursivly queing local files for upload now displays the progress below the local file list
MSW: Use dynamic TCP send buffer sizes to improve upload speeds on high-latency connections
SFTP: Use hardware-accelerated AES on x86_64 CPUs if available by using the AES implementation from Nettle instead of PuTTY
Building FileZilla now depends on the Nettle library, version 3.1 or later
Building FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla >= 0.5.0 (https://lib.filezilla-project.org/).

Bugfixes and minor changes:

MSW: The installer now warns if it detects old versions of FileZilla outside of the installation directory
Improve compatibility with directory listings where midnight is represented as 24:00:00 of the prior day
SFTP: Failed downloads due to write failures, e.g. due to a full disk, no longer show up as successful
SFTP: Fix transfer failures if multiple transfers try to list the same directory
SFTP: Updated PuTTY components
FTP over TLS: Debug logs now contain additional information about the TLS handshake