New features:

  • For SFTP servers the private key file to use can now be specified in the Site Manager

  • The contents of each queue tab can now be exported through the context menu

  • MSW: The installer now registers the App Path so that FileZilla is recognized in the Win+R dialog

  • FileZilla now uses pugixml instead of TinyXML to parse and create XML files

  • Several performance improvements

  • Code cleanup and modernization, building FileZilla now requires a C++14 compiler

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed an assert loading sitemanager.xml created by an old version

  • If password saving is disabled, specifying a password on the command-line no longer leads to extraneous password prompts when transferring files

  • If deleting remote directories via the directory tree, navigate out of the directory tree that is to be deleted